What You Need to Know About E-Commerce SEO

Harsh truth: Customers won't be interested in purchasing a product they know nothing about. I mean, how will a potential customer even find your products if they don't even know they exist?

On the other hand, you have worked hard on your e-commerce shop because you know you have something worthy to offer your customers. Your product deserves to be displayed for the world to see. It is why spreading awareness about your business and your products is the first step to success. Making your product appealing, visible and well-known to the public is what will turn your product into an online best-seller. The best way to do this is by increasing traffic to your e-commerce website.

The more traffic your online e-commerce store gets, the more people find out about your product and the more sales you'll make. On this note, it's only logical that you, as a business owner, should focus on driving as much organic traffic as possible to your website. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this is SEO (search engine optimization).

Why Does SEO Matter?

Whenever we need something, from a new t-shirt to a new vacuum, most of us rely on the internet for help. More specifically, it is the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing that guide us to the products we are looking for. For example, when you enter the term "fashion boutique" on a search engine, a set of results will pop up. The stores are listed on a particular order according to what the engine's algorithm considers the most relevant options. It has a significant impact because the businesses that pop up on the first page will inevitably get the most clicks, visitors and sales.

SEO is such a critical e-commerce business tool because it has a massive impact on how easily your business can be found and the number of real visitors (meaning visitors you didn't pay for) that make it to your site through search engines. By applying SEO best practices throughout your website, you can help bring your business to the public eye. On the contrary, ignoring SEO can mean that your site will be doomed from the start, buried on a dark corner of the internet where your customers won't be able to find it.

SEO for E-Commerce Success

As we've established ranking well on a search engine has a direct impact on your business performance, primarily when you are focusing on online sales. With the right SEO strategy, you can set your e-commerce store up for growth and success. It will involve applying SEO practices throughout your site – from design to content.

The factors that come into play are countless. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine your website's relevance and ranking on specific topics relating to the words or phrases that were searched for.  So while your site might be last on the list under one particular search, it can be first for another. SEO is so broad that several marketing experts have dedicated their work exclusively to SEO strategy.

However, worry not. Applying the basics to your site is a great way to start. Simple changes can yield amazing results. Once you've experienced the power of SEO on your e-commerce performance, you'll be convinced to take the next step, hire a SEO strategist and explode your business.


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