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SeoMarketer has been the culmination of 21 years of work, testing and dedication in the online world. Founder; Mark Kirk, began building and optimising websites before google was even google. Of course back then it was other online entities such as yahoo and netscape explorer and many other search engines… which have made way for the dominant player in the market place. (And yes you guessed it – that now is google). However back then it was more about survival than growing other peoples businesses. The original business model was to:
  • Discover opportunities in the market
  • Build a website around that niche
  • Get it found by google in the search engines
  • Once it had a trading background to on sell the site
  • And then start again…
This model served us well for many years. So much so we built and flipped over 60 web businesses. However then an opportunity in 2010 presented itself.
SEO Marketer was born
And that was to launch an seo campaign for a local business. Needles to say that went well for all parties involved which then began the morph into the successful search optimisation business we have today.

Today SeoMarketer and it’s various arms employ 8 Australian based team members and 3 international full time employees. We work on everything from local based campaigns to large national and international accounts. No two projects are exactly the same so we collectively draw upon our experience and the exhaustive research we conduct each week to ensure we are at the for front of the nuances of the search algorithm that we work within.
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When we talk with prospective clients we always urge that all decisions be made upon educated verifiable data. What does that mean…? We call it evidence based SEO – we have 1000’s of page 1 results and work with some of the biggest businesses in Australia. This doesn’t just happen by luck, it is because of results – so always ask you potential provider for their results and then compare with ours.

And while you are hear it would be remiss of me not to say “give us a call” our number is above, or pop into our office  and have a coffee or use our contact us form we’d love to have a chat about your goals and what it will take to reach them.

Building a lead generation machine has never been so fun!
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