How SEO Benefits Small Online Retailers

SEO - Allowing Smaller Online Retailers To Compete

Nowadays, online shopping for clothes, electronics, books and even groceries is easier than ever before. Australians rarely need to leave the comfort of their home to receive the goods they need or want. Fast delivery, friendly service and quality products have become the mantra for many online businesses.

Businesses and retailers looking to get the most out of eCommerce, and online retailing, can dramatically benefit from SEO-based digital marketing techniques. It is no secret that at SEO Marketer, this is our specialty. We have seen incredible results from small businesses looking to utilise the eCommerce space and SEO simultaneously. Allowing brands to build a persona and image they are proud of is part of the online marketing journey.

At SEO Marketer, we believe that SEO can help small retailers to compete with larger online stores and businesses for many reasons. If you are a small online store, looking to put your name up there with the competitors, let SEO Marketer help.


Utilising SEO as a small retailer will allow you to explore options relating to a specific product niche. While large online retailers like Amazon, ASOS and Kogan specialise in hundreds of different products spanning different areas, a small retailer can explore a niche. Specialising in a specific type of product is vital to the success of a small business, as it allows you to become an authority in that area.

You can select an area and design your SEO strategy accordingly. Where it is a specific product type that the market in your area is commonly searching for. At SEO Marketer we have had success helping online retailers play into their existing niche by doing diligent research and analysis into exactly what your market is searching for.

Smaller Range

A smaller range of products isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can promote your products with SEO-curated content and ensure that they are getting in front of more eyes. A smaller range also means that you can accurately determine what products you offer are generating the most interest regarding online traffic. You can zone in on your products by producing content that is tailored to those individual items. If there is an existing market, you have the opportunity to put your businesses name up there with the competition.

Google’s algorithm is fantastic at identifying online businesses who are considered an authority on a product, therefore ranking you higher when that product is searched. Larger businesses, with more products, can be subject to a an ‘identity crisis’ of sorts, where Google can’t quite comprehend what exactly their business does.

With a combination of SEO-based online marketing techniques and effective web design, a smaller business with a smaller range of products can potentially ensure that the products they do offer are competing with the larger online retailers.


One of the incredible attributes of SEO in online retailing and marketing is your ability to target specific keywords relating to your business. Whether the keywords are geographically based, or product based, you can use your plan to attract people in the market. Niche targeting is far easier with smaller online businesses with a smaller product range, as you can target the keywords specific to your business and products rather than trying to cover multiple bases.

Once again, SEO Marketer has the capability to research the best target keywords, allowing you to develop a target audience that is relevant and resonates. Targeting is a vital part of any marketing campaign for a business. However, eCommerce retailers have the added ability to be able to complete a sale online as well.


After someone makes a sale as a result of your online marketing strategy, you can further improve your customer experience by upholding fantastic priorities and standards. Large companies are prone to having issues regarding delayed shipping requests and other postal issues. Smaller businesses can continue to emphasise the standards of their business by providing diligent and careful shipping.

This is the first stage of a continuing business model you can build using SEO to generate the quality leads for your business. Success in a small retailing business can be found in repeat business and word of mouth, particularly the online testimonial angle. Shipping is the final step to closing the sale, and if executed correctly (like it often is by small retailers) you will see the positive repercussions.


Finally, once you have capitalised on the organic traffic and business SEO can bring your company, you will be able to personalise your customer experience. Small businesses are more likely to have the resources to build a relationship with their customer. This can be through providing a personal contact (rather than an automated system) or adding follow-up marketing techniques such as a newsletter subscription option.

This will continue to enhance the trajectory of your business as you evolve, expand and develop. This can all begin with SEO. If you’re a new retailer or you’re struggling to get your online retailing system off the ground,  you can get your product in front of more eyes with a professional like SEO Marketer handling your eCommerce system and online marketing strategy. Using SEO, you will be able to build a brand whose products compete with the larger competitors.

SEO Marketer has helped dozens of businesses around the country get their retail business off the ground. Whether it is clothing, electrical products or something else, the possibilities are endless with SEO and eCommerce. At SEO Marketer we are here to help and can implement a plan and strategy that reflects your business goals and your budget. For a free, no-obligation strategy session and to find out more about the powers of SEO and how we can help your business, call SEO Marketer today!

Written by Joe Patterson, writer for SEO Marketer


SEO Marketer | SEO Adelaide

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