How SEO Can Help Boost Your Plumbing Business!

People are no longer relying on the Yellow Pages or their neighbours’ referrals to hire a plumber or any other kind of service provider. It’s the internet and more specifically search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing that people go to when they need to hire a business.

Just like before, listing your business in the Yellow Pages was an essential part of business strategy – getting your business visible on the internet is a must for success. If you want your plumbing business to be found, you have to take action to get it in a visible place. The best way to accomplish this is through SEO.

SEO for Your Plumbing Business

SEO is what determines whether your plumbing business’s website will be easy to access or be hidden away from potential customers. How can this be? Well, every time someone looks up a plumber in their area using a search engine, a set of results pops up. Your potential customer will be shown a set of search related results ordered based on relevancy.

Search engines determine which websites are the most relevant, and should, therefore, be shown first to users, based on complex algorithms. If your site is built following SEO best practices and checks all the right boxes in the algorithm, it will be ranked favourably and shown first. This type of SEO success should be something your plumbing business website accomplishes if you want to increase your amount of customers and revenue.

Why is your search engine ranking so important? Well, it comes down to basic human behaviour. When hiring any service provider, people like to do their research. So, as our time dictates, we go to search engines to find information. The set of curated results are evaluated, and the first business that seems trustworthy and convincing is selected. However, since there are endless options out there and the most important ones are shown first, users tend to hire or purchase from business appearing on the first results page.

Service providers buried on the last pages are not even taken into account, making their chances to get hired slim to none.

On the contrary, if your plumbing business does SEO right, your growth is inevitable. Every time a potential customer searches for plumbers in your town, your business will be the first to pop up. Once they click on your site, your content and testimonials will do the convincing. It will get you hired and blow the competition out of the way.

Additionally, by being deemed relevant by search engines, spreading awareness about your business will be easier. More people will stumble across your page, your traffic will increase, and more people will be familiar with your services. By becoming a big name in your niche, not only will you be well-known, but you’ll also build your authority in your area and be able to establish yourself as an expert.

Investing in SEO can positively help you boost your plumbing business and get more customers.


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