What Is Social Media Marketing And How Does It Work?

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

It is hard to imagine a world without social media. Nowadays Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are seamlessly integrated into the everyday lives of millions. Whether it is used as a form of communication, or for recreational purposes, these platforms have millions of active users at any one time.

At SEO Marketer, we find that most people don’t use social media platforms to their fullest potential. These apps and sites are not only convenient and fun, but they are also huge markets for advertising. With a range of business functions, marketing capabilities and advertising pricing, you can use social media to promote your service or product to thousands of potential customers.

It can be hard to know where to start, but never fear, because the social media team at SEO Marketer are here to help

Boosting Posts

One of the simplest methods of social media marketing out there can be done on Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004, I don't think he had marketing in mind, but the more people that got involved, and the more the platform adapted, the more potential it had for advertising. On Facebook, you can have a business page. That page posts pictures, statues, offers and videos relating to your product or service. Rather than just putting these posts out there to the general public, you can actually do what is known as ‘boosting’. This paid method will put your post in front of more curious eyes.

Based on a few parameters such as age, gender, interests and most importantly, location, Facebook takes care of the rest, seamlessly placing your post in the feed of the users falling in that category. Not only does this only take a few seconds, but you can also set the price. This means that Facebook won’t keep charging you, and if you want to spend $10 you can, if you want to spend $1000, you can do that too!

Facebook Retargeting

Without a doubt, you would have been on the receiving end of Facebook retargeting at some point. This clever little piece of code was invented as a leading form of follow up marketing. Its function is simple: you visit a website that offers a product or service, you continue to explore that website finding out about the product or service, you then leave the site without inquiring or making a sale.

Whatever reasons you leave the site for doesn't matter, but when you are next scrolling through your Facebook feed, you will see an advertisement for the product or service you were just previewing. As a consumer, this may seem a bit creepy. However, it is very simple to implement. Facebook offers a piece of code that you embed on the webpage of the product or service you wish to sell. Anybody who lands on that page will have the advertisement in their Facebook feed later on.

For whatever reason the consumer chose not to inquire about or purchase your product, you can prompt them to finish what they start with this technology. Oh, and did we mention that it's incredibly cost-effective?

Specialising in optimised web design and development, we are experts at implementing the code (known as the Facebook Pixel), and can help you follow up on the most promising leads in online marketing.

Dark Posts

Colloquially known as ‘dark posts’ this method might just be the biggest secret on Facebook. The social media network has a enormous business operations section of the website, where you can craft incredibly detailed advertisements that target people based on a range of characteristics. The difference between boosting a post and a dark post is that a dark post will not appear on the business page, only in the feeds of those who you target.

At SEO Marketer, we believe that using this capability has enormous marketing testing potential, allowing business owners to really determine what exact audience responds to what forms of advertising. Social media marketing through Facebook’s Business Manager can be complicated, but once you understand the process, you will have access to one of the most powerful targeting tools in the world.

You can target your advertising based on a profession, marital status, interests and many other factors. You can also choose what your objective for the advertisement may be, whether it is to drive traffic, accumulate views, or build an audience, Facebook marketing and SEO Marketer can help!

Once again, this option is budget-based, so you can choose how much you want to spend.

Facebook and Beyond

While it is easy to think that social media marketing is limited to Facebook, Instagram has some incredible advertising capabilities too. You can boost posts just as you would on Facebook, meaning that your business name is broadcast to a greater audience. Being a purely visual platform, this kind of marketing is suited to businesses with aesthetic products such as cafes, clothing stores and even builders.

You can also build advertisements for Facebook (in Business Manager) that are subsequently shared on Instagram, creating a link between the two platforms. This allows you to utilise the aforementioned targeting techniques on Instagram to gain more followers and interest.

At SEO Marketer, we know that to get the most out of social media marketing, you also need to have a functioning and user-friendly site, and potentially incorporate some other techniques. We don’t want you to get overwhelmed by all of the marketing techniques out there, so we are here help you out. Offering advice on how to successfully implement a social media marketing strategy is what we do best, and if you really want to utilise the digital space, we can point you in the right direction. For a free social media strategy session, call SEO Marketer today!

Written by Joe Patterson, writer for SEO Marketer


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