Why Social Media Marketing is Necessary in Business

Social Media Marketing

Social media and the marketing opportunities that it provides is a necessary obstacle that all businesses must navigate effectively. To put it simply, if a competitor has a social media marketing strategy and your business does not, it's possible they are finding new buyers and clients and you’re missing out.

By implementing a strong social media marketing campaign, you can improve your businesses image and quantify traffic, sales and customer satisfaction. In highly competitive markets quality social media marketing can make all the difference. Here are a few reasons your business should take its social media marketing more seriously that is if you care about setting the standard and outperforming your competitors.

Boost SEO Rankings

A sound social media marketing strategy is now an integral part of calculating your businesses ranking on Google. To make sure there is maximum consumer traffic on your website it is essential that you have at least one prominent social media site attributed to your business.

A strong social media marketing strategy will translate into more views and consumer engagement but won't be useful unless you are converting these visitors into sales. Using analytics to track data on how your website is operating will allow you to understand what your customers are looking for and you can change your approach accordingly.

Meaningful dialogue with customers

Analytics will help to optimise your website, but the best thing your social media marketing strategy can do for you is the real and unfiltered customer interaction. Customers of your business will not hesitate to tell you exactly what they want you to hear, whether it be negative or positive.

This creates the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to your customers and develop a more wholesome understanding of what they want from you. How your business manages these interactions will go a long way in the success of your social media marketing.

Better marketplace awareness

Investing time in your social media presence will make you more acquainted with what other businesses in your market are doing and what they offer. A total of 50 million small businesses are registered with Facebook and use it to connect with customers.

There is no better way to receive the most up to date and relevant news than through the medium of social media. Customers appreciate when businesses appear authoritative and demonstrate an adept understanding of their audience and the product or service that they provide.

Social media marketing is pivotal in commanding brand loyalty and stamping your business as a leader in the field. If your goal is to gain more website traffic or to market your business and attract new customers, then SEO Marketer can help.

Developing brand loyalty

Developing a loyal customer base is the cornerstone for the success of your business. Making sure that the customers who take the time to engage with you are responded to swiftly and satisfactorily is paramount. If a customer feels that their concerns don't matter, they will not hesitate to look somewhere else.

Loyalty can take time to build… but can be lost in an instant. A small but consistent time investment in your social media marketing every day will keep customers satisfied and provide opportunities for your business to improve its services continually. Once you have proved that you are a reliable figure in your industry, loyal consumers will turn into free advertising for your business.

The first thing many web users look for when assessing if your product or service is right for them is customer reviews. If the person in charge of your social media marketing isn’t managing these appropriately, there could be negative repercussions for your company.

Cost effective advertising

Paying for advertising on television, radio or print media can be very expensive, and it's difficult to discern whether new sales are a direct result of these marketing decisions. Starting a social media account with the most popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is completely free, the only investment you need to make is your time.

While there are options for paid ads on social media, new research suggests that consumers are becoming wary of these posts and viewing them as inauthentic. At SEO Marketer, we recognise this, and our content creation team specialises in making your company's website rise organically through Google's ranks, which makes your business more appealing to consumers.

Our services in combination with a refined social media marketing strategy will go a long way in placing your business ahead of others in the same field.

Flaunt your assets

Show the world what it is that sets your business apart and create the right image for your brand. Social media posts with photos can receive up to 40% more engagement, so if your product or service is visually marketable, there is no better way to get those pictures out to a broad audience than through your chosen social media outlet. We will work with you and discuss what your businesses goals are and what your expectations are from your social media marketing.

Brand image

Your social media marketing will be the beginning point for many new customers, looking to see what's out there. It's imperative for your page to present the right image for your company from the first click. Consistency and quality of content will determine how consumers view your brand, so think carefully about how you might be coming across. Alternatively, SEO Marketer will be there for all your social media marketing needs.

At SEO Marketer, we want to help you create a social media marketing strategy that works for you and your business. We offer advice on the best methodologies for your social media marketing spend. For a free social media strategy session, call SEO Marketer today!

Written by Angus Giles, writer for SEO Marketer


SEO Marketer | SEO Adelaide

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