Here’s Why You’re Missing Out On Website Traffic

If your website isn’t geared towards SEO, you’re missing out on traffic

Imagine this predicament: you’ve recently spent thousands on a stunning new website and had expected the punters to come flooding in, but you’re getting nothing near an adequate return on investment.

For all their Adobe Dreamweaver nous, did that overpriced web design firm have a solid grasp of SEO? Do all signs point to your slick new website, or is it floating in digital limbo?

Or, take this scenario: your business website is well-established, and while it used to rake in the views (and conversions), numbers have stagnated for a while now, or worse, taken a dive.

‘But I haven’t changed a thing on my end!’, you cry out in frustration, ‘where has my traffic gone?’

And that’s precisely the problem—you haven’t changed a thing. You haven’t tweaked your website or SEO strategy, but the digital landscape has become all the more saturated and audience preferences have evolved. Concurrently, fluid Google and social media algorithms have continued to change the visibility game, making it harder to be seen by your target market than ever before.

Get to know your customers

Are you acquainted with your business’ customer base? What are their interests; and what do they want to know? Learning about your target consumers is key to SEO. Providing users with regular, current and useful content is crucial; it keeps them engaged and coming back for more. More traffic equals higher website authority equals improved ranking. If your web content is poorly-maintained or not geared towards your customers, there you have two bonafide reasons for a traffic dip.

Scrutinising analytics data for your website and social profiles is a clever way of getting to know your audience, allowing you to customise content for a SEO boost. How long do they spend on each webpage? Which pages do they bounce from? On which do they linger? What links are they clicking? Which products or services do they view heavily? What kind of content is commonly shared? Looking at these seemingly minor markers lets you build up a picture of what is important to your target audience.

Google Adwords’ ‘keyword planner’ is an excellent tool to help you learn what audiences are searching for; this shows you all search terms related to your chosen topic and how many people are searching for them. This will help you to tailor content around popular topics but, by targeting highly-specific, lesser-used keywords, known as ‘long-tail’ keywords, you will have a better chance of ranking well for them. Wising up to the long-tail game lifts your SEO and gives you access to the seventy percent of consumers who don’t search broad, generic terms.

Superior search performance is a natural consequence of customer responsiveness: Google preferences greater word-count, keyword density and regular content updates, so ensure that your content is customer driven and both parties will be satisfied, netting your site a healthy SEO boost.

If you would like some help collecting valuable customer insights or generating interesting, shareable content, SEO Marketer can assist. We have several decades of experience analysing markets and using customer insights to inform targeted, highly-effective SEO strategies. Our team of qualified copywriters can effectively translate keyword and customer data into impactful written content.

Is your website too slow?

Tragic page load speed is the antithesis to SEO. Not only does it affect your Google ranking, but it also contributes to a higher bounce rate: customers get frustrated by the delay, click away from your website and, most likely, they won’t return.
These two factors combined can certainly influence poor traffic; users expect a website to load in two seconds, and forty percent will abandon a page that hasn’t loaded in three. If your site isn’t up to scratch, you could be losing nearly half your audience before they see what your business has to offer.

SEO best-practice involves creating the best possible user experience through your website. This could never be achieved with a site that is solely pleasing to the eye. Ease of use, speed, functionality and audience-centred content each have a key role.

The beauty of choosing SEO Marketer to achieve peak SEO performance, is that our team comprises skilled specialists who can optimise your site’s speed and usability, as well as its ranking.

SEO is the solution

It’s no longer enough for a business to have a superior product or service, an attractive website and a couple of ill-tended social profiles. Traditional word of mouth may have garnered traffic in the past, but nowadays click of mouse is far more profitable: the more clicks on your website, content, backlinks and social pages, the further north your business will climb on Google SERPs, and that will really power a SEO upswing.

Your customers can read an interesting post from your business on social media, click directly through to your website and make a purchase, or submit an enquiry, in one short online session. This expedited transactional process, generates potential for hundreds more customer leads and/or conversions per day, you simply need to ensure that it is your business being seen.

An integrated SEO strategy, founded on the latest algorithm research, is the smartest approach.

A first-class SEO agency will flawlessly implement keyword planning, content writing, website management, influencer outreach and social media strategy, cultivating a favourable business profile and driving traffic to your website through myriad well-tended channels.

Call on the SEO professionals at SEO Marketer

It is the nature of a free market, that boon industries are populated by unprincipled, inexperienced individuals, who overpromise and underdeliver. So, how do you know where to turn for help with search performance?

At SEO Marketer, we didn’t establish ourselves as experts overnight; with decades of digital marketing experience under our belt, our involvement in SEO evolved organically out of a desire to generate optimum results for our valued clients. We started developing tweaks to help businesses outfox the search engines, well before the term ‘SEO’ became widely recognised.

Our commitment to lifelong learning and our unmatched drive to remain vanguards of the digital industry, differentiate us from our peers, and give you access to up-to-the-minute, evidence-based strategy. A portfolio of contented customers is one sure-fire signal of an agency’s worth and is something that we can proudly boast at SEO Marketer.

Contact our team today to arrange for a free and friendly chat with one of our SEO wizards. We take the time to answer all your questions and describe the SEO process in detail, empowering you with the information to launch your business into the digital big leagues.


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