Ecommerce SEO Requires A Tailored Strategy

Perfecting Ecommerce SEO

Perfecting ecommerce SEO requires much more than simply checking off a list of tasks, before your website will suddenly skyrocket to the top of Google’s listing; it is an ongoing process of persistently tweaking several elements of your website and measuring the results.

The intensive, multifaceted process required for lasting SEO performance is why so many businesses choose to outsource their ecommerce SEO strategy to the digital marketing mavericks at SEO Marketer. We put the time into achieving the visibility that your business needs, in the context of a highly competitive ecommerce landscape.

How must ecommerce SEO strategy differ from traditional SEO techniques?

Ecommerce SEO strategy requires a specialised approach. Ecommerce websites are typically highly segmented, with a multitude of categories and subcategories and thus, it can be difficult for ecommerce operators to discern which of these categories should be targeted as search keywords, to arrest Google’s attention.

Ecommerce SEO strategy also requires that every feature of your online store is keyword-dense—from product image tags, to detailed product descriptions—all of which requires considerable time, and the type of website management expertise that the SEO Marketer team have in abundance.

Grow your website traffic

Google’s algorithm automatically favours high-traffic websites, as they are viewed as more authoritative. It can be frustrating for business owners, that SEO performance and enhanced traffic are prerequisites to one another, but there are steps that you can take to begin driving more traffic to your website, even before your ranking takes off.

Developing a strong social media presence on the myriad platforms available, not only increases the visibility of your business, it creates backlinks to your website on ‘high domain authority websites’, garnering preferential treatment from Google.

If you have a great product range, get it across Pinterest and Google plus, and produce some YouTube content. Create a LinkedIn page and start networking with relevant people in your industry; this could get your site linked on high-profile blogs and directories, and industry association pages. If you’re a maker, you might consider selling on Etsy and aiming to have your products stocked by larger sellers.

Don’t just consider the ‘Big Three’ social sites; the more external links pointing to your ecommerce site, the farther north your ranking will venture.

Our multi-talented team at SEO Marketer can assist with your business’ social media management, or take the reins entirely, to ensure that your social media presence nets a tidy SEO boost.

Maximise keyword span and density

You may have done your keyword homework and edited your website so that your meta descriptions, headings, content, page URLs and internal links are strong on keywords, and that’s excellent, but you must never rest on your laurels in the fast-paced world of ecommerce SEO.

You’ll need to continue monitoring keyword use and regularly churning out keyword-dense content, relevant to what Google users are asking. This is where an ecommerce SEO specialist really takes the headache out of ecommerce SEO strategy—it is incredibly time-consuming for ecommerce operators to stay one step ahead of keyword movement and continually produce volumes of content.It is important that your website targets a wide variety of industry and product-relevant keywords, otherwise your webpages will be competing with each other for a surge in rankings, a phenomenon known as ‘keyword cannibalism’.

Scope out your competitors

Analysing the web presence of your major competitors and unpacking their SEO strategy can help shape your own approach. What keywords do they appear to be targeting with their web copy?

You can use an application, like Moz, to determine whether competitors’ websites have higher domain authority than your own, and whether their webpages have authority over yours. If your competition is outperforming you in these areas, there is no point going after the keywords that they are using.

Enter: long tail keywords—more specific, lesser-used search terms that are just as industry-relevant but, which target consumers in a segmented fashion. These keywords increase the likelihood of a ranking boost when they are used, because there is less competition for them.

While it seems counterintuitive targeting terms that are Googled less frequently, it’s important to note that the long tail of search encompasses seventy percent of users! You’ll just need to ensure that your website goes after a good portion of them.
It is also useful to know where your competitors are racking up their inbound links. If certain media and bloggers are repping others’ sites, they could be open to featuring yours. Don’t be shy in reaching out to influential publications and personalities—many are all too happy to learn about a local business and receive samples of a great, new product; you might just score you some beneficial links or features for your efforts.

SEO Marketer is well-versed in creating a competitive advantage for our clients. We have the identification of niche keywords down to a fine art and have achieved strong search performance and growth for a vast assortment of ecommerce sites, helping many to outshine and outrank their competitors.

Create meaningful relationships with your customers

Customer service is the cornerstone of a successful ecommerce site, but you may not have realised that this area of your business could impact your search ranking. Creating excellent customer experiences should form the backbone of your ecommerce SEO strategy; outstanding products and service can see your website rated well on product review sites, creating even more beneficial backlinks.

Creating an avenue for on-site reviews encourages user-generated content, giving your ecommerce site another boost. Positive feedback on your social channels will grow your website traffic, increasing your site’s credibility. Invest time in thanking customers for their feedback, remedying any negative feedback in a visible way and even incentivising feedback, to get the best SEO return from your customer relationships.

Entrust the future of your ecommerce site with the professionals

The specialist team at SEO Marketer have a wealth of experience in establishing lucrative ecommerce websites which enjoy a lasting and exceptional search presence. If you’ve recently launched a new ecommerce site, or you’ve been on the scene for a while, and your site isn’t taking off as you’d hoped, we’d relish the opportunity to help you.

The only difference between your website and the seemingly indominable e-tailers occupying page one, is a targeted, well-researched SEO strategy. Don’t waste another second wondering why your site isn’t getting enough clicks or conversions, call SEO Marketer today to arrange for your complimentary consultation and take control of your business’ Google status.


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