How E-Commerce SEO Can Drive Organic Traffic to Your Business!

Right now, a potential customer is probably using a search engine to look for the exact product or service you provide. Would you not want to catch that opportunity and put your business right in front of him or her?

No one can deny that the quality of your product or service matters, but how will future customers know about your business in the first place? That is where e-commerce SEO comes in handy. E-commerce SEO is a process that helps your business generate more organic traffic through search engine results.

Google Search Results

What makes Google the most efficient search engine, is that it constantly works on its algorithms to rank the search results based on how well they answer the searcher’s question. Not all of Google search results are organic, though. The first couple of results are ads, then comes the organic listing.

Studies show, however, that searchers tend to neglect the ads and most of the clicks go to the organic results. The sooner the name of your business appears in the search results, the more organic traffic your e-commerce website will generate.

About 95 per cent of all searchers will not even look past the first page of Google search results. In order to push qualified organic traffic to your e-commerce store, your business must reach the top positions of the search results.

High-Converting Traffic

In today’s market, e-commerce SEO is essential for your online existence. Your competitors are most likely optimizing their websites to secure these top search results spots for them. So if you were not also using a strong e-commerce SEO strategy, your business website will get pushed far down in the results, where it would not be easily found.

Optimizing your e-commerce portal is not only needed to drive organic traffic. It will also create better business opportunities for you. One of the main factors that affect how Google ranks its results, is the keyword the searcher is looking for. That is why 43 percent of all e-commerce organic traffic driven by Google search results, convert to sales.

E-Commerce SEO vs Social Media Paid Ads

Although search traffic is free, recurring and most importantly has the highest ROI of all online marketing campaigns, many people rely more on social media ads. Unlike e-commerce SEO, these ads require constant effort and money to keep them running.

To secure the best search results ranks, e-commerce SEO also needs effort. However, once you reach the top, you will be making sales on autopilot with no additional cost per click. With the right e-commerce SEO strategy, your website will be getting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. This will increase your sales drastically.

SEO Marketer has been the culmination of 21 years of experience in the online world. When it comes to e-commerce SEO, we know the best practices to boost your Google status. Call us today to arrange for your complimentary consultation and kick-start your e-commerce SEO campaign!


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