Discover the fortune that lies in your Facebook Marketing strategy

The Gold Mine that is Facebook Marketing 

There is no market in the world as occupied as Facebook. The social media network has become a way of life for people around the world. Users regularly update their profiles with updates about daily life, using it as a means of communication with friends and family, and more recently, using it for its enormous and undisputed marketing capabilities. Facebook is quickly becoming a part of many different company’s integrated marketing strategies. Due to its sheer size, and the intelligent use of technology, businesses owners and marketers are able to capitalize on the largest business network in the world. At SEO Marketer, we have seen the pot of gold that is at the end of the Facebook rainbow and can tell you that you can enjoy these benefits sooner rather than later.


Thousands of businesses are using Facebook retargeting to capitalise on the most alluring leads in marketing history. Using a piece of code that is implemented into your website (called the pixel), you can use data collected from those who have selected items on your website to purchase or preview your service, to retarget those same people. Those who didn't complete a sale, or failed to send an inquiry, will then find that once they are scrolling through their Facebook feed, they will see a curated advertisement prompting them to return. Facebook retargeting is extremely cost-effective, and there are very few types of marketing, that have this level of follow-up marketing. Using retargeting can be the way to encourage a prospective client to complete a sale or make an inquiry. We have seen this little pixel do wonders for sales, and combined with SEO-based techniques; your website can attract far more spending clients.

Undisputed niche targeting

Facebook houses an unbelievable range of targeting capabilities. Using Facebook Business Manager and promoted posts, you can create advertisements that appear in the news feeds of everyday social networkers. Advertisements can be constructed around a number of demographics, based on location, age, occupation and even relationship status. Using these tools you can aim your advertisements at a particular geographical area you wish to move your business towards, or if there is an age-bracket that just loves your product, you can target them too. The more detailed the targeting is, the less it will cost, and your advertisements will be in front of less disinterested eyes than with traditional methods. Facebook also allows you to target demographics based on purchasing behavior, so if you are looking for avid shoppers or those who use their devices to shop, you can implement these customers as a core target for your advertising.

Interruptive marketing

Facebook as a marketing tool is unique, as it is a platform that, up until recently, people don’t commonly use to find and purchase products or services. Using it as a means of advertising means it is known as interruptive or outbound marketing - where you market to those using platforms for other purposes. These marketing methods have been known to have quick results, with the majority of business coming from online sales and requests. Methods of interruptive marketing are commonly expensive and time-consuming. Whether it is cold calling, print advertising or telemarketing, these options often require consistent and sustaining work. A Facebook marketing strategy with advertising is cheap and relatively low-maintenance (not to mention easy to market test). While some argue that social media marketing strategies are actually labeled as permission marketing (as the initial interest has been shown by the customer), the quick results are the same.  

Contact list

You can use Facebook to develop a list of contacts. Aligning your Facebook social media marketing techniques with a mailing list or even a Facebook group community can provide you with an option for repeat business. Depending on what service you offer, the ability to create an active community can also assist with recommendations, word of mouth and client testimonials - all of which can help increase sales. Back in the day, businesses would have to develop an email list or even a calling list from scratch, and this process could take years until you had a list that had enough marketing potential. Now, with Facebook’s predetermined demographics, you can use interests, behaviour and geography to market to your select group. This can open up a number of different market testing opportunities, and you will ultimately be able to discover which market you flourish in as soon as possible.

Peak-hour levels of web traffic

The primary goal of a Facebook marketing strategy is to drive traffic back to your website. Whether this is to complete a sale, make an inquiry or to get customers to sign up for a mailing list for future sales, you will need them to end up on your website. This means that if your advertisement is enticing enough to get social networkers back to your site, and your site is well-developed, functional and aesthetic, you can see an enormous increase in traffic immediately. An effective Facebook marketing strategy can lead to a significant increase in conversion. Working concurrently with other techniques, a good digital marketing campaign using this medium can lead to increased traffic, marketing testing and targeting and an extensive list of potential and future customers. At SEO Marketer, we embrace the ever-changing nature of social media. Working in conjunction with a number of different digital marketing plans and strategies, SEO Marketer can implement a Facebook marketing strategy. For a no-obligation free consultation worth $99, contact us today  - there is no time like now to capitalise on the most prominent community in the world!


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