Why Some Content Flops And Some Goes Viral

Producing Creative Content

The term ‘viral’ is very much a new title. The word describes pieces of media which get shared around the internet via social media platforms, blogs and news outlets. At SEO Marketer, we have seen content created for business reasons, (in the form of blog posts, video and even images) reach this peak of viralality. In the realm of digital marketing and online presence building, content is a fundamental key to success.

There is good content and bad content, and while it may be hard to determine what exactly makes this content viral, it is obvious that there are some key traits that make content engaging and accessible around the internet. At SEO Marketer, we have seen A LOT of content, and have produced articles and other content that have been seen by thousands of curious eyes. There are few things that we think makes content ‘good’ material, all of which you should consider if you are looking to be the next viral sensation!


When it comes to content relating to business, primarily, it should be sufficiently informative. There is no point writing a piece of content that is engaging and funny if it doesn't actually promote your product or service in some way. First and foremost, in order to be engaging, your content should be informative. Providing information that is valuable to the reader/consumer is the key to the content being well received, and also translating into sales down the line.

Think about why the information you are putting down ‘matters’ to the reader. It is all well and good to try and create something that gets shared around the internet, but it is even better if it somehow relates to your business.


Don't be boring! Content that is purely informative and gets bogged down in statistics or technical language will not be popular. Be engaging. One of the best ways to produce content that is engaging (particularly if it relates back to a product or service) is to show the value it has to the customer. With the blog-based article or video, this is easy to do and can make a lot of difference in the long run.

There is structure to a blog post in particular (something we specialise in at SEO Marketer), which is a good way to ensure that the content draws the viewer/reader in at the beginning.

Don’t Complicate things

If your content is explanatory in any way (for a product or a service), you need to be clear and succinct, ensuring the everyday person can easily understand what you are describing. Flowery language does not make a piece of content good! It is important to have your preferred audience in mind and cater your content accordingly to ensure that what you are communicating, will be received the way you desire. Good content also doesn't necessarily need to be lengthy. Although this can still work, you can make considerations as to what length suits usability. Be straightforward, and engaging - this will save you time and money, as well as generate a greater viewership.


A more regimented method of ensuring your content gets a lot of views is to use optimisation. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a way that you can use keywords to create content that isn't just appealing to readers but actually appealing to Google’s algorithm. This means that your content will appear higher in search results, leading to more genuine traffic. Content that is more accessible is more likely to incentivise sales. Professional optimisation is a great way to make great content that also has a strategic purpose.


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and while that's true, it can also be punishing. The best content, is original and unique, and isn't a rinse and repeat version of a similar business. You want your personality to shine through, whether this is individual or the businesses’ persona, your content should be relatable and feel authentic.

Content that is new resonates with the audience for several reasons, mostly because it is a combination of engaging and informative. If you are conscious of creating new and exciting content connected to your business, you will be able to hold onto the curious gaze of the internet, rather than soliciting the ‘seen this before’ response.

Content Creators

The best way to produce high-quality content that ticks all of the boxes is to use professional content creators. At SEO Marketer, we have developed a team of blog-based content creators, who know what works and what doesn't. While there is no specific recipe for creating quality content, there are many things to aim for, and also many things to avoid.

Using professional content creators, you can avoid producing content that gets minimal traction or views. The content you share and post is a reflection of your business, so why not put the best possible aspects of your business of there!


Finally, it is vital to consider what content you share through what platform. Whether you elect to build a ‘blog’ section to your website, or you use third-party social networks like Facebook and other mediums to showcase your content, you need to decide what works for you. Often, this comes down to your preferred audience, and whether they are active in the areas of the internet, you wish to utilise.

Creating semi-regular content is a fantastic way to boost your traffic, showcase your service and product and have some fun while you are at it! At SEO Marketer, we offer content creation services, as we believe that it is one of the best ways possible to direct more traffic to your site! To organise a free consultation about the powers of good content, call SEO Marketer today!

Writer by Joe Patterson, writer for SEO Marketer


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