Are you Confused When it Comes to Facebook Marketing?

The World of Facebook Marketing

We know social media as that thing that everyone spends their time on; liking, tweeting and sharing various pieces of information to their confirmed list of friends or followers. The vast majority of the public don’t see Facebook, the world's most extensive online network, for what it really is - a tremendous marketing opportunity.

Anybody looking into Facebook marketing for the first time can become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of capabilities and tasks that are available. It is easy to give up on this marketing, and instead stick to traditional advertising. However, at SEO Marketer we can identify all social media’s working parts, and break them down so you can avoid the inherent confusion that comes with this platform.


Today’s consumers love e-commerce (websites that you can buy from). On the back of this Facebook introduced a piece of code that you can slap onto your website which is changing the game. You may have noticed while you scroll Facebook on your lunch break, that some of the items you are interested in from around the internet, appear in your feed. Whether you once Googled a new lipstick or a potential holiday to Hawaii, you will see these enticing things sitting adjacent to your feed.

If you run a site that sells items, you can purchase this code called pixel code, which will attach to the people that are landing on your sale page and not proceed for whatever reason. The pixel then places that product they almost bought in a small advertisement in their Facebook feeds. This little friendly reminder helps close the sale with the best leads possible. This is easy to do and is exceptionally beneficial to increase sales for little effort.

There are different variations of the pixel that suit different needs and budgets. The best way to make the most out of your e-commerce site and Facebook’s connectivity is getting the assistance of a professional, at SEO Marketer we offer Facebook Marketing services to help maximise your business’s online performance.

Detailed targeting

People tend to be quite thorough when it comes to their profiles on Facebook. They put their age, relationship status, occupation, location and even high school. All of these different demographic indicators can be used to target specific people. This step often confuses people, as there are so many layers that can be targeted. The level of niche targeting that Facebook offers is unique and exclusive to the network, so if you own a cafe, and want to entice people with five kilometres of your location, you can do so.

This function incorporated into Facebook’s business manager allows you to target age groups and geographical areas based on what suits your business. On one hand, this is a great way focus on an untapped market, on the other, it also saves you money, as the cost of a more specific advertisement of the boosted post is minimal. There are a number of different ways to utilise this space, the primary of which is to employ a professional to handle your Facebook targeting.

Pay Per Click

Compared to many marketing techniques this is a cost-effective option. However, the payment system is another aspect of Facebook marketing that can be overwhelming. Similar to Google AdWords, Facebook advertisements are charged per click. So consequently, the more competitive the intended audience, the more money you will be expected to invest.

You are also able to set a specific running time for the advertisement down to the minute. Whether you run it for a week or an hour, you can plan promotions and offers accordingly. Facebook allows you to input a maximum spend, so you do not exceed your marketing budget, and therefore your advertisement or post can reach its full potential without worrying about how much money you are spending.

Combining your Facebook advertisements with detailed targeting is a great way to create cost-effective exposure. You will be able to accurately target a certain demographic for a low price!


Through Facebook’s amazing function called Business Manager, you have an undisputed level of functionality over the potential market you want to advertise to. Facebook lays out an array of objectives you can use for your advertisements. Whether it is ‘engagement’ or ‘reach’ or even ‘video views’ You can select an area of focus with your advertisements. Facebook then delivers to a demographic of people who are more likely to engage with the website in that particular way.

So, if you are looking to increase page likes, or traffic to your website, Facebook has already designed an advertising parameter that can help you with that task.


You may or may not know this, but Instagram is actually owned and developed by Facebook. Through Facebook’s business manager you can create a Facebook advertisement that will be concurrently advertised on Instagram. This is a fantastic way to deliver a dual function advertisement to a visual platform as well as the users of Facebook.

Facebook makes this process easy, and like a solitary Facebook advertisement, it is also designed with your targeted demographic in mind. While it is two entirely different social media platforms, the interactivity between the two makes this a relatively simple tactic, designed to give your advertisement maximum reach.

Facebook will continue to grow, with already over one billion users interacting with the site. Although the marketing capabilities can be daunting, a professional business that specialises in digital marketing can help you make the most of this space. With everything from advertisements to boosted posts, you can, and should, turn Facebook into sales fast!

For any advice regarding social media marketing or a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our digital marketing professionals, call SEO Marketer today to commence your journey toward online marketing.

Written by Joe G. Patterson, writer for SEO Marketer


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