10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing has become a crucial part of all businesses, both big and small. It could be the competitive edge you need for your product to stand out in a highly saturated market. Consumers these days expect a lot and want to feel like they are being respected and listened to. Achieving brand loyalty is more difficult, and if a customer's queries aren't answered swiftly, problems can arise. This is where the magic of social media marketing comes in to stamp your business as a reliable and trustworthy option. However, it's not as easy as waving a magic wand and hoping people engage with your content just because you wield a worthwhile product. Once you take the leap and launch yourself into the beneficial world of social media marketing, make sure you avoid these 10 common mistakes.

No response to criticism or complaints

This is where so many businesses fail from a social media marketing perspective. If customers queries aren't answered promptly and thoroughly, not only does it irritate the person enquiring, it becomes evident to new customers that if they have an issue that it won't be resolved. Most consumers expect a same-day response, even if the problem cannot be solved immediately. Create a response that comprehensively answers their question and make a request to contact the person privately. Paying customers expect to be taken seriously, and they should be, they are the ones keeping you in business.

Not enough positive interaction

Despite popular belief, not every interaction on your social media marketing site will be negative! Many consumers will want to thank you and express their gratitude for the service you have provided. A small and polite response will give your business that personal touch and will be widely appreciated.

Spreading out over too many platforms

Understanding your target audience is a fundamental aspect of any aspiring business. Whatever your product is, it's pertinent for you to make sure that the platform you are using is appealing to the audience that's right for your product. Conduct research into the demographics of your market and the platforms they frequent. Focus on one or two because you'll never have time for valuable engagement with your customers over four or five different outlets.

Not utilising analytics

Once you've assessed the demographic you are targeting, you must discover whether that plan is working. There is no point in using a social media marketing campaign if you aren't receiving useful analytical information about the type of people engaging with your site. Precisely like you measure your SEO effectiveness, you must deduce via software such as google analytics if you're strategy is reaching your desired audience and so you can alter your approach if it's not working.

Not underlining a specific strategy

A robust social media marketing strategy has ultimate goals that should outline what is essential for growing your business. It’s ideal for these goals to be measurable, whether it be gaining likes and followers or capitalising on sales after acquiring an interactive customer base. Successful social media marketing campaigns require time investment and this time needs to be managed appropriately and work in tandem with the goals you want to achieve.

Not formulating a dedicated social media team

One of the best ways you can make sure that the appropriate time investment is being made into your social media marketing campaign is to assemble a team. Any team should have a communicator, who is able to utilise different social media platforms effectively and demonstrates an astute way with words. A product expert, who is available for consult and who can provide more detailed information for customers if they request it. Also, an analyst that can oversee customer engagement and provide feedback on what needs to improve.

No workplace social media policy

A strict social media policy for your workplace may not sound appealing and choosing to dictate how they act on their personal platforms is not recommended. However, there are a few easy rules for your employees that can help you to prevent a social media marketing crisis. Simply, make it known that unless instructed that they are not to post any information about the company nor make public any qualms they have with customers.

Spamming and too many promotions

As a business, no one understands your product and why it's worthwhile as well as you do. Consumers don't respond well to excess promotional content because it appears as if your product isn't quality and that it serves more like a cheap gimmick. Demonstrate to the public through your social media marketing strategy exactly what your business offers, include professional pictures, work with the season and use deals subtly.

Not enough diversity of content

Promotional content that demonstrates the positive attributes of your business is excellent, but it doesn't capitalise on the personal engagement that's available through social media marketing. Mix it up by posting videos or articles that resonate with your clientele's interests.

Have fun with it

Have pride in your business's social media marketing and relish in the positive interaction and feedback you can receive from your dedicated customers. Post content that promotes the personality you want for your business to portray. Cultivate a strategy that puts your business ahead of its competitors and maximises your ROI.

Social media marketing is an unbelievably helpful business tool when used correctly. It's an entirely new concept for many long-standing business owners, but it's an inevitable part of the future for all businesses. You will make mistakes but continue to learn, adapt and communicate with your customers, and their needs and your business will thank you for it.

Written by Angus Giles, writer for SEO Marketer


SEO Marketer | SEO Adelaide

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